Chapter 10: The empress of ice!

Meanwhile, inside the main hall, all of the guests were currently dancing and enjoying themselves without a care in the world as they drank and ate, believing that they were the elite for even being at a party such as this.

"No stop them!" A voice suddenly shouted, coming from the side door where the slaves would come and go with food and drink.

A huge mass of beast girls suddenly burst free from the doors and broke into the hall, causing the guests to scream in fear and panic.

The beast's girls were running like wild animals, not caring what they had to do to gain their freedom, with some even attacking a few of the nobles or other men they recognised and wanted revenge on.

The duke was shocked to see all of his playthings free from their prison, and he was quickly surrounded by his guards who cut down any of the girls who tried to attack him.

"Get the duke out of here!" One of the men shouted above the screams.

The guards from all over the

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