Chapter 19: New prey!

A full month had now passed since Xolvion and the others had been in this new city. He had taken the time to explore all it had to offer, exploring all of the fruits it had to bear.

The city was on the larger side and like most was split into different sectors meant to help separate the classes by wealth. But with Xolvions newfound power, pretty much nothing that the humans called security could stop him anymore. Meaning that he could freely explore each part, either by blending in, sneaking around, or simply changing his appearance to someone completely different, his powers now really knew very few limits.

He had also taken full advantage of the girl's powers, having them also gather intelligence on the whereabouts of the empress of Earth. If they heard even a whisper he wanted to know about it.

Although he no longer gained any power or strength from absorbing the fluids of any normal woman, that didn't mean it w

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