Chapter 21: A deal Struck!

Xolvion had opened two of his chakra points, starting with his root chakra which allowed him to access a larger amount of strength within his own body. In a sense, it helped to prevent one's brain from putting a limit on the muscles during stress.

Next was the sacral chakra located at the base of one's spine. Opening the sacral chakra allowed one's chi to open fully, no longer having a limit to how much one could use at one time, meaning they could pump all of their chi into one attack, however, the result of such an attack would usually result in death on either side.

Xolvion could already feel such an intense strain on his body from only opening two of his seven chakra's, he could only imagine how insane it would be if someone could open all seven without dying.

White mane had been charging his final attack for a while now, letting all of the remaining magical energy in his sword concentrate into one final blast that h

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