Chapter 25: The Goblin cave!

"This is no longer a copper rank quest," Xolvion said, giving the others a serious look.

"What do you mean, they only took us off guard for a moment, we can take a few more goblins!" Gwen shouted, refusing to give up yet.

Xolvion frowned, seeing that he wasn't going to get through to her.

"I guess it's too late now anyhow." He then said, closing his eyes as he sighed.

Suddenly he raised his hand with incredible speed, catching an arrow that was meant for his face, opening his eyes slowly as he looked at the one who had shot it at him.

"Master!" Crystal shouted, seeing the arrow in his hand.

Gwen and Owen were also shocked, having had no idea that anyway was even aiming a shot at them, never mind how Xolvion had been able to catch it like that.

"We are surrounded," Xolvion said, dropping the arrow and taking a look around him.

"Oh, crap... What do we do!" Gwen said, looking around to see all of the goblin archers getting ready to fire at them.

"I hate to say it, but our best be
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