Chapter 26: Hobgoblins attack!

"I will show you my power, master." Crystal said, holding her staff to the side as she readied herself and prepared to fight.

Xolvion watched as he crossed his arms, excited to see what she could do against the goblins that charged toward her.

"Crystal, look out!" Gwen said, not sure she would be able to fight them by herself.

"I won't let you get close to master!" She said, letting her magical power burst to life as it glowed around her body.

"Take this!" She shouted, creating a sudden burst of ice that rippled across the ground, creating razor-sharp icicles to shoot up and rip through the Goblins that had been charging towards them, leaving them impaled on the ice.

Gwen and Owen, we're shocked at her power, never having seen ice magic like this before.

Xolvion on the other hand had expected nothing less, knowing that if she couldn't deal with a group of simple Goblins, then she had no place being here with him.

"I did it, master look!" She said, suddenly walking over to Xolvion.

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