Chapter 27: Goblin mage!

Xolvion and the others stood over the girls that had been kidnapped. Looking down upon them with pity in their eyes at the horrors that had befallen them.

Crystal winced at the sight of the girls, seeing that they had been beaten and raped repeatedly, with most of the girls even dying from their wounds.

"Stacy!" Owen suddenly yelled, finding his friend among the girls that littered the cave.

"Oh my god, Stacy!" Gwen also shouted, trying to hold the tears back as she took in the sight of her friend.

Xolvion could see the darkness in her eyes, knowing that she had already lost her mind.

"Please, you have to heal her!" Gwen pleaded, no longer able to hold her tears back.

"I can heal her physically, but her mind is a different matter..." He said, knowing that all he could try to do was wipe her memory.

"Kill me..." A soft voice spoke, coming from the girl.

"Stacy! Please hang on, its me. Its Owen, we have come to save you." Owen said, trying to hold Stacy upright so she could see who he w
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