The Dream

Charlotte glances shyly at the nun and looks away, unable to meet her gaze. She swallows hard as her hands fidget nervously in her lap. 

"It's ok Charlotte, I'm here to help. There's no need to be afraid, trust me", Lucille's voice is soft and encouraging, as she tries to put Charlotte at ease. 

Looking down at her hands clenched together in her lap and taking a deep breath, in a low voice Charlotte recounts her dreams. 

"I see myself, in my dreams, doing things with someone else.......I can feel.....I'm being touched......all places I've never been touched. Their hands.......and mouth....are touching me.....everywhere.......and it good......I........don't want it to stop. But worse than that, I..........I want much more", Charlotte whispers these last words as her head remains bowed, unable to look up at the nun.

"What places are they touching? You have to be specific", Lucille prods, her eyes darkening in the dim light from the lamp on her table. 

Still unable to look the other woman in the eye, Charlotte answers softly, "My.....lips and face.....neck........and my chest........on my........", her face is burning and she stops, too embarrassed to continue. 

"Please continue Charlotte, I can't help you if you don't tell me everything. You need to tell me everything", the nun patiently encourages her. 

Feeling at ease now with Lucille's gentle and soothing words, Charlotte opens up and confides in the older woman. 

"I feel hands on my breasts fondling  and sucking and between my legs, I can feel hands caressing me and I feel myself being licked......down there......and other times I feel something else......something large and hard.....pushing inside of me and filling me up, filling me with indescribable pleasure. Then I wake up and I feel frustrated and disappointed", Charlotte's voice is strained and her breathing is ragged and loud in the quiet of the room. 

Charlotte feels the familiar ache stirring and building inside her as she relives the memories of her dreams. The room has suddenly become hot and suffocating as if there's not enough air making her breathe faster. She tugs nervously at her dress, the fabric sticking to her body where she's begun to sweat, making her uncomfortable. 

Across from her, Lucille's eyes, which have turned dark with arousal, are watching her intently like a predator watching her prey. Her face is flushed and glistening with sweat, as her breathing quickens. She anxiously wipes her clammy palms on the front of her habit as she licks her lips and swallows. She can feel the tension thick in the air between them, pulling her toward her primal desires as her resistance crumbles like a battered wall.

As Charlotte raises her head and their eyes meet across the room, the aching need building inside her, she knows what she hungers for and she needs to satisfy her hunger, she needs to satisfy it right now. She can see Lucille's desire burning in her eyes and she can keenly smell her arousal, the way a wild animal can smell blood. Charlotte knows that Lucille can feel it too and she wants it just as bad but still Charlotte hesitates. 

"Come here", Lucille's voice, sounding breathless, breaks the silence. 

Charlotte stands and moves to stand in front of the nun where she sits in the chair, she is trembling and she can feel sweat running down her back and between her breasts. Gazing up into her eyes, Lucille, gently takes her hand and pulls her towards the chair while parting her legs so Charlotte is straddling her. Pulling her down onto her lap, Lucille brushes the strands of hair away from her face and caresses her cheeks. 

"Do you want me to relieve your frustration? To touch you? Like in your dreams?", Lucille whispers against her lips. 

Charlotte nods as she places her hands on the other woman's shoulders and begins caressing her shoulders and neck, her eyes burning with desire. Lucille leans up and kisses her lips, her tongue flicking out and sliding into her mouth. Charlotte responds, licking and playing with her tongue before capturing it between her lips and sucking on it. Lucille groans and moves her lips down to kiss her neck, biting and sucking while her hands are unbuttoning the front of Charlotte's dress. 

Charlotte feels the cool air against her skin as Lucille opens up the front of her dress, pulling it down her shoulders and arms and exposing her breasts encased in her bra. Quickly shrugging off the top of dress, Charlotte reaches for her as Lucille lowers her head to her breasts, pulling them free from her bra and exposing her erect nipples. Lucille hungrily sucks on one nipple while her hand rubs the other, running her thumb around the tight nub and gently pulling on it. 

Charlotte is moaning loudly and pressing Lucille's head and hand against her breasts while grinding her hips against the nun's. She arches back, thrusting her breasts against Lucille as the carnal hunger inside her growls lustfully in her throat. Her hands move with a mind of their own, pushing inside the nun's habit and fondling her breasts over the fabric, feeling for her taut nipples and teasing them with her fingers. 

The small room is filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and moans of pleasure from the two women, focused only on satisfying their carnal lust. 

Rushing, Lucille discards her veil and habit while Charlotte reaches around her back to unclip her bra, anxious to touch her breasts without the barrier of her clothes. She reaches for Lucille's full breasts, massaging them and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Groaning loudly, Lucille grabs her hips and lifts her up onto the table beside them, Charlotte's legs wrapped around her waist. Seeing Lucille standing in front of her, Charlotte quickly lowers her head to her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. 

Lucille moves her hand down between Charlotte's legs, caressing her inner thighs before rubbing her fingers against her panties which are soaking wet. Charlotte gasps and calls out, "Oh Lucille, please Lucille", as Lucille slips her fingers under her panties and glides them over the wet outer lips of her sex. Charlotte is moaning out her name and pressing against her fingers, hot wetness seeping out of her and coating Lucille's fingers. 

Leaning back to sit on the chair, Lucille slides Charlotte's panties off and parts her legs as Charlotte leans back against the window behind the table. Spreading her wide open, Lucille inserts first one finger and then two, sliding them in and out while she teases Charlotte's nipples with her other hand. After a minute or two, she lowers her head between her thighs and begins to lick her, sucking up her juices while her fingers continue to slide in and out of her. 

Charlotte's eyes are closed when she feels Lucille's tongue on her, licking and sucking her clit. She gasps, pushing Lucille's head down between her thighs as she thrusts her hips against her mouth, low guttural sounds coming from her throat. She can feel her climax building inside as she thrusts harder, pushing Lucille's head down and grinding her clit against her mouth. She's calling her name over and over as she reaches her orgasm and waves of intense pleasure wash over her, her entire body shaking. 

As the hunger from earlier takes over, Charlotte slides off the table and goes to kneel in front of Lucille on the chair as she spreads her legs and inserts two fingers inside her. She's dripping wet as Charlotte bends to lick her, sucking her clit and rubbing it with her finger. Lucille's head is thrown back, her eyes closed as sweat forms on her breasts and neck. Her hips are grinding against Charlotte's mouth and tongue while one hand is rubbing her nipples, she grabs Charlotte's head with the other, pushing her face into her throbbing sex. Her movements become more frantic as she reaches her orgasm, the pleasurable release rushing through her body like a tidal wave. 

Suddenly, just as Lucille orgasms she feels a strange sensation between her legs and looking down she sees Charlotte sucking her clit hungrily as a red mist wafts out from between her thighs, Charlotte breathes deeply and opening her mouth she sucks all the red mist into her mouth before swallowing. Her eyes glow a deep red, startled Lucille blinks only to see Charlotte staring up at her with her sparkling green eyes, a devilish smile on her lips. 

After ingesting the red mist, the aching hunger inside her fades but the sweetness of Lucille's orgasm only makes her crave more. Licking her lips and smiling seductively, she pulls Lucille to the bed and makes her lie down before climbing on top of her and settling between her legs. 

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