Please, please, don't follow me.


Tears run down my cheeks as I watch the two men change positions. The shorter one grabs my wrists so tightly his nails pierce my skin. If I ever get out of here alive, I'll have to deal with the loss of the last thing I valued and a darn infection.

"No, you don't have to do this, please. I haven't done anything to you; please let me go." I plead with the men, but my desperation only amuses them. 

Gabe positions himself between my legs as his eyes take me in. I wish I could blackout so I wouldn't remember these horrible events, but adrenaline is pumping through my veins; it's impossible to pass out.

He grabs my coat and rips it open; the same fate befalls the sweater and shirt I'm wearing underneath. Even though it's the middle of winter, and I've already lost most of the clothes I was wearing, I don't feel cold. If anything, I'm burning with fear. Their actions are despicable and vile, but the two men cheer each other on. 

Gabe hovers over me and leans to my ear to whisper, "Don't dare to fight back; if you do, it will only hurt. If you are a good girl, maybe I'll make you feel really good. Who knows, maybe you'll like what a real man can do to you and chase after us for another round. But I'm not making any promises. I love my bitches only when they are screaming, begging and bleeding." His words send an icy shiver down my spine.

Deep down, I hope they're just playing- getting back at me for ignoring curfew, but the hope is so tiny, I doubt that could be the case. 

The shorter man pushes my hands deeper into the snow while his friend rips apart my pants. I try to break free, kick the moron, or at least hurt him enough to buy me some time, but all my efforts are futile against two shifter men. I try to scream again- maybe, just maybe, there's someone out there who hears me and comes to get the men away from me before it's too late. 

When I feel his dirty finger slide under the waistband of my panties, I squeeze my eyes shut. I can't fight off tears, the men, or even my consciousness. A thought flashes through my mind, and though I never imagined my life would end here, I wish they will kill me as soon as they're done with the crime.

I couldn't go back home after that. My parents wouldn't accept a damaged daughter. I understand that I lost the battle before I had a chance to fight back, just as the sound of ripping fabric echoes in my ears. 

For a moment, the only sound I hear is one of them unbuckling their belt and unzipping pants. One of them slaps me again, so I open my eyes to glare at him.

The shorter one repositions himself- he forces his knees on my hands to hold me down and unzips his jeans. The look of satisfaction and excitement on his face disgusts me. "Open wide, darling," he spats.

Oh, Hell, no! They can take advantage of their strength, but there's no way I'm going to play their game!

"If you as much as get that thing anywhere near my face, you can rip my head off, but you'll spend the rest of your days like a dickless freak!" I yell at him. The look on his face is worth it, but despite my anger, the fight inside me fades as soon as I feel something warm near my sex. I immediately look at Gabe, who is proudly displaying his genitals. To make matters worse, he winks at me, looks down, and spits on the thing.

I try to get away once more- there's still hope they're too distracted; I might get a second to break free and run away. 

My attempts come crashing down as Gabe's dirty hand wraps around my neck. "Bad girl," he hisses. I hope he didn't think he could get laid with that phrase because now, I want to get away even more than when I overheard them. 

I focus on Gabe and do the unthinkable- I spit in his face. He's obviously fed up with my attempts to get away and disrespect them, so he applies even more pressure to my neck until I can barely breathe. As I gasp for breath, the weight on my hands disappears, and I instantly force my fingers into Gabe's eyes. He cries out in pain and falls back, holding his hands over his eyes as he curses me. 

I look around, but the shorter man is nowhere to be seen, so I take the opportunity to run. Yet, as soon as I get back on my feet, force the coat closed and try to run, Gabe tackles me. My head hits something hard, and I feel a warm liquid drip down my face. 

I'm still trying to escape, if not run, then crawl, but Gabe pushes me against the cold snow and lifts my coat. "I'd take you like a lady, but since you can't act like one- you'll get fucked just like who you are, a fucking bitch!" He shouts as he grabs a handful of my hair and janks on it. Another scream of pain escapes my lips as tears blur my vision. 

All of a sudden, a vicious, deep growl shakes the forest. I can tell the source of the sound is close by, and I'm pretty sure Gabe knows it too because he lets go of me and jumps back.

I look over my shoulder and notice the confusion on Gabe's face as he tries to call for his friend and warn the shorter man that they need to leave. As Gabe screams like a maniac, I try to crawl away. There are a lot of noises in the background- not just the animalistic growling, snarling, and whimpering, but also what sounds like breaking bones and trees. 

No, I must be wrong; it must be my mind playing tricks on me. I'm scared, cold, tired, and whatever just happened is a whole lot of traumatic events. Yes, it's my mind; I have nothing to fear but these two rapists. 

I almost feel safe enough to get back on my feet, but clearly, I'm not that lucky.

Gabe appears from behind the tree, grabs me by the back of the neck, and forces me up. "Whatever is out there, it has my friend, and it's all because of you, bitch! You couldn't shut your fucking mouth, so don't be surprised that everything I had planned for you has turned into something much worse! Not only will I use you as a fuck doll, but you will become my punching bag and my personal maid. Baby, you're coming home with me," his grip on my neck tightens, and I whimper in pain.

Just as he tries to pull me along, a huge shadow appears and pulls him away. At first, I can't believe my eyes; my jaw almost drops to the ground. Someone is holding Gabe by the throat and pressing his body against the tree. I wouldn't be surprised if Gabe's feet touched the ground, but he keeps kicking and struggling, so I realise the stranger is holding him above the ground. 

The stranger growls, snarls, and makes many different strange noises, but thank God he does as I finally break out of the bizarre daze. My hands shake as I struggle to close my coat and step back. Even though I know this is the perfect moment to leave, I can't stop watching. Something big is about to happen. Besides, this man saved me, so maybe I should stay to thank him. But what if he's one of the guards, and I have to face the consequences once he's done with the outsiders? So many scenarios, yet I don't have time to decide on the right one.

I focus on the stranger- I can't see his face, it's hidden under a hood, but I can see how heavy he's breathing. His chest rises and falls so fast I'm sure he's not human, but I doubt he's a werewolf. They don't breathe that fast, even in anger, and I know what I'm talking about- I've seen a lot of things. 

Gabe's attempts to fight back fade right as the stranger growls. "I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you." I have no idea what he meant by that, but I'm happy he didn't address me when he said it because though the words seem harmless, the man is dangerous, and so is the tone of his voice.

Hell, I'm sure there's a neon sign emblazoning his forehead that says "Stay Away, Danger."

Just as I gather enough courage to run, the unthinkable happens. The stranger's grip around Gabe's neck tightens, and within a second, Gabe's headless body drops to the ground. The stranger throws his head away and wipes the blood on his hoodie. I watch the sight in horror, holding my breath.

Luckily, I still have some survival instinct because my legs have a mind of their own- I take off into the forest. I'm not concerned about the need to thank my saviour or ask him for directions; I just run. 

I hear him calling something in the distance, but I don't stop. I stopped before and almost met death in person- I don't want to make the same mistake again. All I need is to get home unnoticed, without the dangerous man hot on my heels. "Please, please, don't follow me," I whisper as tears well up in my eyes.

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Skylyn Gordon
I’m glad he saved her. But girl you better hope he follows you. Because you don’t know who else is out there.
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Her mate saved her from this evil males.
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Gregorio L Ocuto
nice to have read

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