Suck it up, snowflake.


I don't know her. I don't know my best friend. The person standing in front of me is anything but the girl I once loved and adored.

She has changed for the worse.

And as if the yelling and accusing me of things I haven't done weren't enough, she slapped me.

I stare at her wide-eyed, shocked beyond limits. But before I can regain my senses and say anything, my bedroom door is kicked down by the same man Kelly is so angry about.

He ignores me and stomps straight towards her. I watch everything in horror.

He grabs Kelly by the neck and forces her body against the wall. Her feet leave the floor

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Ur mom put u up for bids & atleast the one that saved u won! instead of the abuser! Maybe she wouldn’t be so dumb if she heard how happy her mom was yelling saying she was rich
goodnovel comment avatar
Dead. Hahahahahah!
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