One. More. Word. About. My. Woman.


I'm seething with anger as I head downstairs to stop by her parents. Selena's father looks worried, while her mother is pissed off about something.

"Tell her that today was the first and last time I'm going to take any shit from her." I clench my hands into fists to keep myself together. I don't want to cause more damage here than I already did. "I'll be back in three days; then, I'm taking Selena home with me, with or without her consent." I don't warn anyone anymore- every word that passes my lips is a promise. 

Her parents watch me leave. I'm fucking furious. How dare she act out like this when she knows I'm doing her a huge favour.

As usual, my wolf shows up when I don't need him. "Calm down, you scare

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goodnovel comment avatar
He should have killed Amon & took the Alpha position he is the rightful Alpha!!
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Tiffany Bryant
Omgggggg I knew I liked this book for a reason
goodnovel comment avatar
OOOHHH! That is a thought!

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