Kane pov

Selena's eyes focus on me as she bites her lower lip and parts her legs, exposing her dripping sex to my gaze. I growl and lower myself onto her. With the first stroke of my tongue, Selena tries to squeeze her thighs back together. 

Another low grown leaves me, warning her to stop defying me. I drop to my knees next to the bed and grab Selena's hips to pull her closer to my mouth. I hold her thighs roughly, keeping them apart as I feast on her juices like a desperate, hungry animal. 

I lick, suck and nip on her as Selena moans out my name. She cries out in shock as I move my lips lower, thrusting my tongue inside her. 

I fight a smile as I notice her gripping the bedsheets, digging her nails deep enough to

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This book was so amazing please do another one with the kids please i would buy that entire book because this is such an amazing story
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Amy Wallace
I love your books!!! Sequel please!!!
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Kristine Fisher
Best book ever !!! ...️
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