Chapter 92: Are You Willing To Play With Me?

Hazel was annoyed at Joshua. If she went to ask, who would admit to her face that they misunderstood their relationship?

Joshua was a real trouble maker, so she just gave up. Fortunately, these people were just like what Joshua said, although they were curious, they would not gossip and question Hazel.

Joshua calmly greeted everyone and whispered to Hazel, "Let's go, we should go upstairs to meet the Professor."

Hazel nodded, but before they had to go upstairs, they heard a noise at the door.

They turned toward the door and saw Vanessa wearing a beautiful pink dress with a fair amount of her skin showing. She walked in with an arrogant smile and enjoyed all of the attention.

Hazel's eyebrows raised faintly at seeing Vanessa&r

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