Chapter 314: My Love Rivals Should Be Dealt With By Me

Many people gloated while watching the Carter family's fall from grace, but some wise people clearly saw that Hazel was not an easy target.

With only one meeting and a few words, Sophia was utterly changed to another person. Could Hazel be a simple woman? Some were hesitant, but more of them were rallying.

For a time, Hazel had so many "friends" that she was getting a headache. However, she knew that if she wanted to force the directors to face her directly, she had to defeat these women strikingly.

The woman closest to Hazel was a woman named Patty Hamilton. She had contacted Hazel several times, and she was even more difficult to deal with than Sophia. She was playing a different angle though, she wanted to be best friends with Hazel, but she clearly knew what Patty was plotting. However, Hazel ran out of methods,

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