Chapter 380: Why Not?

If something happened to Hazel on the deck, he didn’t want to deal with the consequences. After all, he worked for Simon for many years, and Hazel was the first woman he paid so much attention to.

"Do you think I will jump into the sea?" Hazel looked at him with a hostile expression. She picked up the knife she had to cut her streak and swung it around, “If I really wanted to kill myself, I could use this knife right now. Why would I jump into the sea?”

Chester’s eyes widened as he finally understood why Simon was so concerned about Hazel. The women who were usually around Simon were always obedient, and Hazel was not only rebellious, but she was also very calculating. Chester had no idea how to deal with her.  

"Without permission from the young master, I can't let you go to the de

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