8: The View

Seeing the very town we had passed by so quickly earlier without any rush was exciting. After parking just down the road, we walked as if we were any other couple along the streets, admiring the little stores, cafes, eateries and restaurants that littered the long stretch of concrete. Just behind the stores on one side, you could see the ocean, which many little cafes took advantage of with a decking facing the beautiful view.

People looked at us and smiled. The few that scowled or showed any sign of contempt were often put in their place by a simple glare from the man hovering behind me. I couldn't help but watch him each time we passed a window. I needed to know if I was with someone mean, but he was as kind to most of the locals as I was.

Still, I never saw him smile.

Once the sun had set - which we enjoyed from the railing of the parking lot where Armani's fast white convertible sat - we headed back to the private beach house. It had been mostly quiet bet

Gracie Mackintosh

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