She couldn’t resist the pressure as she felt his lips on hers. The moment became tense as their lips locked fiercely and he pulled her closer to himself. She tightened her arms around his neck as she felt his arms caressing her back roughly. He broke free and they both began to pant heavily with their breaths fanning against their lips. He plunged his lips into hers again, this time, in a slow romantic manner that made her body twitch all over.

She could feel his hand moving from her back to her shoulder. He slid the strap of her dress off her shoulder and his arms caressed her smooth succulent skin.

He made her lie slowly on the chair with their lips still locked together. Just then, the lights came on followed by footsteps and they both pulled away from each other immediately.

“Oh, sorry sir, i just wanted to check if the lights have been fixed” the man standing in front of them said, nervously as he tried to walk away.

“’s been fixed” he said awkwardly as he sat up rig
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