As she walked into the house that night, she yawned tiredly as she moved over to the living room. She saw Vivian coming out of the kitchen and they both stopped in front of each other.

“Welcome home,” the old lady greeted with a smile

“Thanks, I'm so tired right now. Did you make dinner for Adrian?” She asked tiredly

“Yes, but he didn’t touch his food. He just came home and walked into his room” she replied

“Really? Or maybe he was waiting for me to come and make dinner. You know how he can’t do without my food” she said and they both laughed.

“I will meet him upstairs and ask if I can prepare something for him,” she said as she moved over to the stairs.

As she stopped in front of his room, she heaved a sigh and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, he appeared in front of the door, dressed in a red night robe.

His face hardened as he saw her face and she could see how his countenance changed immediately he saw her.

“Sir.. .should I make you dinner?” She stammered uneasily as she
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