First Night Together

After Jay has turned back into his human-self and gotten dressed again, we both get back to our hotel room. I stay silent the rest of the way, as I am far too tired and just want to warm up again. I’m sure when I wake up after a good night’s rest, everything will turn out to just be some weird dream and I won’t remember any of it. Or that’s my plan, anyway.

Jay keeps me warm with his jacket, even after we get into our hotel room. He also runs a nice hot bath for me, all the while babbling on and on about packs and roles within them. I don’t understand half of it, unfortunately. All I can do is nod my head slowly to show I am listening. Though I’m not following along at all. There’s just too much to take in. As soon as he has finished drawing my bath, he rubs at his neck sheepishly. He can probably tell I’m too tired and confused to let all this information sink in.

“Sorry,” he mumbles at

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