Feeling Blu

Gripping the toy baseball bat in my hands, I stared down at the wolf in front of me. It lowered its head, not reading to assault me just yet. I held my breath and tightened my grip on the bat. This one didn’t seem as large or as strong as the others, but I did not doubt that those teeth would easily rip me to pieces easily enough.

The growling from Darnell and the two wolves he is fighting almost dares to draw my attention. That is when I spot another charging right at me. I hesitate, taking a step back with wide eyes, though rather than come for me, the wolf bounces right into the one staring me down, knocking them off balance.

They then look up at me with a wolfish grin and bounce around in excitement. “Well, isn’t this a fun day?” They say in a young, female voice. I can’t say I know who it is, but they must be from Jay’s pack if they’re saving me. They seem far too happy about all this, even as they look at the wolf on the ground. “Oh, go b

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