The Witches

As I waited for the last of the sunshine to vanish behind the horizon, the rays through the fog and trees caused a hypnotic display of shimmering dancing shadows. I had to admit, even though this place was not comfortable to live in, it was, at the very least, beautiful in its own right.

Hunting in this strange place had been tricky at first, but I found that if one stayed still long enough, an animal would soon show up. Life was in abundance here, and the animals did not know what a wolf was. They still ran when I lunged at them, of course, but with them never seeing a predator like me before, they made it all too easy.

Finally, darkness came and the raven Aderyn returned. It then led me deeper into the fog-filled forest. It was hard going with the fog and shadows, but it didn’t help that the raven was as black as the surroundings, so it blended in far too w


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