Lucas had to spend his night outside the room, he found a guest room for his stay. And woke up ahead of everybody so he could avoid their questions and ridicule. 

'Phew! I was almost caught by that stupid nagging bitch Mrs Jones.' 

He thought to himself while shaking head after he recalled how he closely survived the encounter with Mrs Jones, Nathalie's aunt, early in the morning.

 'That nagging bitch is such a headache. She never leaves a chance to humiliate me.' 

Lucas poured the milk into the pan to make milk tea, no one had ever liked it on the dining table. But Lucas made sure to make it just because his wife loved it.

 He had already listed out the stuff she liked and was certain to use all the information, no wonder he knew much about her already. And her grandpa had helped him a lot. Lucas had a jury to himself to make sure they did all the work. 

YES! Why would he do all the work himself when he had others to take his burden. But there was only one thing he used to do himself, making tea for his wife. No wonder all the staff in the kitchen was Lucas' personalized chef and maids, that's why they all had known their boss so well.

 He could not bear any other unknown people thus brought his army with himself.

'I will make sure she will forgive me for yesterday night, she should actually because it was not my fault.'

 He had no idea why she did not open the door to him last night, Lucas went back to his room after releasing his stress. But found a no entry via the locked door. Meanwhile outside on the dining table Nathalie had no idea why Mrs Jones had been eyeing her every now and then. 

She was aware that whatever it was she would never ever bother herself with their shit! Nathalie was an illegitimate daughter but perhaps she would be the only woman, who would inherit all the wealth despite not being favored by her own father_Boris Lancaster.

 'Why is this old hag is looking at me with hungry eyes?'

 She sipped on her juice while skimmed through the hall, every member of the so called 'family' was present.

 Nathalie did not bother to consider their presence, when her cunning uncle initiated the conversation.

 "Father, I heard that you are visiting the lawyers to sign the will." 

Saikus popped up with his motive which was not unknown by his father, Nathalie's grandpa. The old man was aware of all the conspiracies and knew that he had to save his good and kind hearted grand daughter. 

That's why he wanted her to get married at first. And hearing the proposal from Lucas he was elated and relieved about her future until she rejected him without even considering anything.

 'He really wants to ruin the atmosphere, duh!' 

The lady thought to herself and resumed her eating. Her grandpa calmly finished his eating and began to tell them the truth they had never expected. 

The atmosphere had suddenly grew chilly that Nathalie knew what was about to come. 

"Yes, I have been visiting them because I wanted to sign my will. You got all the information correct but I assume you failed to get any insights from them further." 

The old man threw the words at them, while he glanced at all of them. 

"Do you know why? Because they are my trustworthy partners, not your personal dogs!" 

Saikus became infuriated and had no idea how to come back thus he simply shot up from his seat. 

The cunning fox walked up to his father to display the power of his youth. 

"Don't try to do anything stupid Saikus, remember you are in my home at the moment." 

He reminded him off the various consequences just by saying that one statement. 

Whereas Nathalie smirked and giggled at the sight but did not lift her head. 

"Why are you laughing, uh? What's so funny? You know it's all your fault that we are deprived of all our rights, it is your unfortunate birth which had brought misery upon us."

Saikus yelled at her and then dragged her late mother into the mess, he really stepped on her nerves by doing that 

"Shut up! Just shut that vile mouth of yours, don't drag my mother in it."

 She shot up from her seat and turned towards her father, there was anger in her eyes and bitterness in her tone. 

"This brother of yours is the cause of my birth, don't you think you should strangle him rather than cursing my mother. After all he is the DNA provider."

 Nathalie stared at her father with disappointment, who had been feeding his new wife who's number was unknown. It was the moment when he yelled at her and Saikus raised his hand to teach her a lesson. 

"You dare to talk back and disrespect!" 

He was about to land a hard slap across her cheek, but for some reason her grandpa was calm. Maybe the man was confident that she could take care of herself. 

Saikus was about to slap her when Lucas appeared behind him and held his hand, his macho entry surprised everyone. Although no wonder he seemed really angry and wanted to kill Saikus right there. 

"I think you should take care of your hands, sir!" 

He spoke meaningfully and poured the hot cup of tea on his hand while holding his wrist. Nathalie hadn't expected him to appear like that and definitely did not imagine him to stand up for her. 

Whereas the old man began to sip on his tea as if nothing had happened. Nathalie was still stunned to see Lucas shifted from a fool simp to a macho manly man, who could play the knight in the shining armor if needed. 

She seemed impressed by him and skipped a heartbeat while he stood close to her, Lucas let go of his wrist after making sure it would for a few days. 

"Don't ever think of harming my wife!" 

No one could speak anything since grandpa had brought him in the household and according to the family rules he was her husband, even though he was not treated as one!

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