Troubled Things

Lucas took Khal to the airport saying that he had been adopted by him, the boy did not object or say anything since he didn't have any say in any kind of matter. 

Lucas saw the boy with keen eyes and immediately grasped that he was an introvert and had no intention to mingle with people. 

The journey passed quietly towards the airport and none of them said anything, when Khal broke the ice. He turned his head towards Lucas and questioned him.

"Are you the man on the XXX newspaper?"

His words caught Lucas's attention which made him curious that Khal used to read such magazines too. Lucas smiled upon realizing that he had the blood of two famous business personalities running in his veins. 

It was obvious for Khal to read such stuff and to figure out the tactics and news.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

Lucas got even more interested that what exactly he wanted to ask, since that sole ques
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