Alpha's Unloved Luna
Alpha's Unloved Luna
Author: Midnight Shines

Chapter 1 - The Unloved Daughter


The feel of my skin getting burned jolted me awake. I whimpered as I felt the silver cuffs burn my wrists and ankles. I weakly looked around to see my sister Malia looking down at me with a smile on her face. The familiar feeling of fear took over me when I saw the sickly sweet smile on her lips.

“Please Malia, not today. I don’t feel good.” I cried, begging my sister to leave me alone.

“What are you pretending for, Miracle?” She asked, rolling her eyes at me.

“You know we can’t miss the full moon after your birthday. In fact, this one is special because you’re turning 18 on a full moon night.” She exclaimed, clapping her hands in excitement.

I didn’t even realize it was a full moon today. I especially didn’t expect to wake up like this on my 18th birthday. I was hoping for a peaceful day, and probably to find my mate.

“Please, just let it go this one time. The silver hurts terribly.” I requested, trying to bargain. Malia scoffed, her beautiful oval shape face forming a frown in annoyance.

“Cut the crap! I don’t have the time and patience for that,” she snapped angrily.

I sighed in defeat, my eyes looking at the door where my parents stood watching everything unfold quietly. I wished they would have helped me, stopped Malia from slowly draining me of my life energy.

“Yes, that suits you better. Cry and be the pathetic, weak self you are,” she spat at me. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing from my eyes anymore.

“I am your sister, Malia. Please don’t do this, you’re killing me,” I tried once again, wanting to get away from the torture.

“You are weak, pathetic, and a shame on our family. I am correcting the mistake the Goddess made.” She said, her voice holding so much anger and hatred for me.

“What are you waiting for? Start your work,” she barked angrily at the witch who gave her an icy stare but pulled out her stuff to start what she was here for. I was taken aback when I saw the old woman in my room with Malia.

“Why is there a witch here?” I asked, my fear slowly increasing.

“Oh! So, you’re not that useless after all. You could still identify a witch by only looking at her.” She mocked.

“Malia, please stop this. Magic is forbidden for pack wolves. Don’t do it, you will be punished when the Alpha finds out.” I said, my voice holding fear and desperation.

“If the Alpha finds out.” She corrected. Looking at me with a wicked smile on her face.

I lay helplessly on the bed as Malia’s witch started putting things together. She has always made sure I could never escape her. What was my fault? How is it my fault that the Goddess blessed me with powers that I don’t even know about? I never asked for them. I wouldn’t have even found out about them if Malia hadn’t chained me on my 8th birthday.

It was the first time she tied with silver cuffs. Silver is lethal to werewolves, and she used to it suppress my wolf. She made sure I didn’t tell anyone about it. She did it discreetly until our parents caught her. Our father, John, was a Beta of our little pack, Silver Crescent, and he held pride in being one of the strongest and influential families of our pack.

He scolded her, angry she would do something as bad as tying her own sister with silver cuffs. Werewolves were not allowed to use silver amongst packs. Hurting your own pack mate or any other wolf by using silver was considered an unforgiving crime. It held serious consequences, like being sentenced to death.

I was happy to have my father care for me, to stand up for me. That was until Malia convinced him I was not worthy of the Moon Goddess’s blessings. How I would bring shame to our family and pack. Like the pathetic person I am, I expected my father to disagree with her, tell her he trusts me. That I will make him proud when I grow up.

Unfortunately, it was all in my head. He agreed to everything Malia said about me. He was more worried about not having a successor if Malia was to get punished for hurting me and unauthorized use of silver. My mother didn’t say a word and played the role of the perfect obedient mate she has always been. They not only let Malia get away with everything, but they let her continue doing it.

They did not care that Malia was not only scarring me and making me weak by using silver but also my life source. They declared me weak, not giving me a chance to prove myself. They let not only Malia but the entire pack abuse and bully me. Everyone called me a pathetic, weak girl because I was never able to shift into my wolf. How could I? When Malia was making me weaker with each passing year. I don’t think there is anything left at all.

I was pulled away from the painful memories of my past when I heard the witch start chanting the spell. I screamed, feeling the silver cut into my skin. Malia opened the curtain to the window in my room, welcoming the moonlight.

My body started emitting a golden glow. I knew it was the effect of the spell mixed with moonlight. My wolf felt at ease as soon as the moonlight touched our skin. However, the relieving feeling soon disappeared as pain took over my body.

“Ahhhh! NO, please stop.” I screamed, begging for them to stop, as tears streamed down my eyes.

No one seems to care about my pain. They never have. I could feel like my soul getting sucked off my body. I saw the glowing light making its way to Malia as she happily accepted my powers. She didn’t care that she was killing me in her quest for power; she was sucking in my life source along with my powers, and she did not know, or probably, she knew, but she didn’t care.

I don’t know how long it has been. My screams died when I couldn’t anymore. My throat felt raw. My entire body hurt like hell. My wolf was awfully quiet. I knew she was there. I could feel her presence, I could feel her pain, the feeling of dejection taking over us but she didn’t say anything.

I know she blamed herself, but I knew it was not her fault. The witch had completed the spell and was now packing her stuff. Malia motioned for the witch to remove the silver cuffs. I knew she would never touch them. The witch chanted something, flicking her hands as the cuffs flew open, falling down onto the bed.

“How long until I get all her powers?” Malia asked the witch.

“You know I won’t tell you anything here,” the witch replied. She continued to look at Malia with an icy glare. I wonder what Malia could have possibly offered the witch to get her to do this job for her.

“What do you mean?” Malia snapped

“Meet me after the Mating ball or whatever you mutts call it. You know where to find me.” The witch replied, it was clear none of them cared for the other. Despite that, they managed to work together. The mention of the Mating ball made shivers run down my spine. I am dreading the worst. She didn’t wait, just picked her old leather bag and walked out of my room.

“Do I have to remind you about the Mating ball too?” Malia asked, turning to look at me with her angry, cold eyes.

“Make sure you are ready and try not to embarrass us.” She ordered, before kicking me hard in the ribs, making me scream out in pain. She walked out of my room, slamming the door behind her. I couldn’t do anything. I just laid there crying at my pathetic life, letting sleep take over me.

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