Chapter Forty Four

“Emeliano… are you sure you want to do this?”. Layla asked as she watched him sign the documents. “It’s your life’s work. Your family’s legacy.”

“It all means nothing to me without Meira.” Raine said. “Besides… there’s no way I’ll let that douchebag have anything of mine.”

Layla exhaled. “Bring Meira home. We all miss her.”

“I will.” He nodded. He dumped the papers in the briefcase and shut it then handed it over to Rogers who left with it immediately. “Carlos?”.

“Sei a posto.” Carlos said as they hugged. “Buona fortuna amico.”

“I’ll need it.” Raine muttered.

“Be careful daddy.” The twins hugged him. “Bring mommy home to us.”

“I will.” He promised them. Even if he had to die trying. “Be good for Aunt Layla.”

“Yes dad.” They nodded.

Raine kissed their foreheads. “Ti amo tanto.” He

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