Chapter 52 : Make her fall in love


The rays of the morning sun tease me as I squirm on the bed with a slight soreness. I love this feeling in the morning. It's not like I didn't love it that morning— I did but messed up the entire thing. 

I open my eyes with a wide smile to find Christian's eyes on me. To my surprise, he is half-laid next to me, darting his eyes on the phone. 


Wasn't he staring at me that morning until I woke up? Or was it only for the first time? Now, I'll have to get used to it, huh? I frown, gritting my teeth at him. He doesn't even realise that I have woken up. I move on the bed deliberately to grab his attention. 

And it work

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Prerana Kushwah
don't know what wrong sense she will take out from this conversation
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awesome fabulous part

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