Chapter 131 : Unfolding


I'm too stunned to speak after what she has uttered. Sympathy, guilt and compensation. Those three words— those three reasons were definitely not behind my love for her. I grab her arm abruptly and turn her towards me.

"What are you uttering?" I shrug. She doesn't look at me. "Look at me, Iv", I grab her jaw and lift her face, bringing her rosy eyes to me. "I asked what the hell you meant by this?"

Her complaint filled eyes linger on me. 

"Do you really think I love you just out of sympathy? Just because I feel guilty for leaving you and our unborn child? Do you think this is the reason I put my heart and soul to keep you happy?"

She doesn't answer but her silence says it all.

Nothing stung so hard before. I lose my voice to speak with her silence which keeps yelling at me that she doesn't trust my love. Still. 

"How can you question my love, Iv?" I whisper out of nowhere, terribly hurt
Niharika Nafisa

Hey everyone, the spin-off book Of Kane and Emily is out now and it's available on the app. you can simply click on my profile and scroll down to find the book "I Kissed My Ex—Boyfriend, & It Went Wrong". Three chapters have been released. it would be shorter compared to this book. Please give it a try and let me know your feedback. thanks a lot.

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Lynn Jones Carrington
Blood speaks out?
goodnovel comment avatar
Prerana Kushwah
she knew it that they both are twins..she was using Irene too
goodnovel comment avatar
Binti Das
what she mean by blood spoke are iv and irene twins

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