Bonus Chapter 1 : Demands


A week later after our grand wedding, I wake up with soft strokes of Christian's knuckles. My eyes remain closed as he starts placing small kisses all over my face to my neck. I hum against his chest as he teases my skin as he does every morning. This morning's cuddle is my favourite moment of the day.

I love the way he never forgets to cuddle me even before I open my eyes. In the last seven months and sixteen days, he has made each of my mornings beautiful and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

"Good morning, my little leprechaun", he mumbles into my neck, taking my ear into his mouth.

"Umm— good morning", I fist his hair gently in my grip, running my fingers into his deep hair and kissing his neck, inhaling his fresh scent.

"How does it feel like to wake up as my wife every morning? Are you bored yet?" He giggles, parting me away as I open my eyes with a frown.

I don't know why he comes up with such a question when I wake up. It feels like he can't stop he
Niharika Nafisa

Hey guys, hope you all are doing great. I wanted to give you a free bonus chapter but unfortunately, the chapter length isn't eligible to release for free, I'll definitely reward you all with free bonus chapters soon for being there with me in this journey from the beginning to the end. I didn't expect a lot of readers to finish reading this. I'm glad that a few of you stayed on this journey. I'll probably write 4-to 5 more bonus chapters to show the duration of a few years. the plan may change according to the flow of the story. I hope you're eagerly waiting for book2. Stay tuned.

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Prerana Kushwah
I'll repeat again..they both are setting expectations so high for real life couples ......

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