Mr CEO, Hold My Heart Forever [Blurb]

Book Two of Mr CEO, marry me on conditions


Eight years have passed since Christian and Ivanna's marriage. Near to a decade passed since they found each other to spend the rest of their lives— since they vowed to love each other till eternity. The vow is still the same. The love is still there. But there have been changes— not one, but many.

Unable to give birth ever again, they adopt a baby girl to fill the voids of their lives and it indeed brings immense joy until Christian's princess is diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of seven.

Being one of the top billionaires in the city, Christian hoped to get every possible thing to cure his daughter. But this time, his money and power weren't enough to save her.

While battling through the crucial phase of his life and being the support system of his wife and daughter, Thea Allen Fox crosses his path.

She can give Christian something he wants but in return, she wants something Christian can never give her.

Unaware of the crucial secrets, will Ivanna stand up beside him or the reality and circumstances tear them apart?

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