Chapter 89 : Troublesome


I reread Christian's messages like a hundred times since this morning. It makes me laugh and satisfied at the same time. I know he must be going crazy over there now.

"Ryan, wait. Your shoelaces—"

Tiffany yells, running behind Ryan. The daily routine. That's why I prefer to be alone in my room or anywhere else. Why do kids need to be so annoying? I hope they just grow up quickly and stop causing such chaos.

I lean back to the couch as Ryan finally slumps down near me, huffing.

"Why do you need to run for no reason, Ryan? You end up getting tired", I shrug.

He only giggles.

Tiffany kneels in front of him and starts tying his shoelaces.

But I suddenly find her side-eyeing me.

"I'm going, Tiff!" Ryan then runs out of the mansion.

He didn't even bother to tell me. Anyway, I don't really want him to report me. But when there's another person near me, especially Tiffany, he should just tell me. It's really insulting that this stupid nanny will think my kids love her more than me.
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Eva Lazada
When is this story going to end?
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cute princess
hiding things would be complicated for ivanna's situation
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awesome fabulous fantastic story and chapter

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