Chapter 132 : Storm


With Christian's shocking statement, I feel the earth sliding away beneath me. I gape at him in disbelief, no words escaping my throat. I find it impossible to believe. Even process. Even accept. I shake my head, being unable to utter something.

He keeps his eyes straight on mine. Blood red and swollen. There's anger, frustration, pain— all the mixed emotions that he has been hiding. Mostly anger.

I clutch his hand tightly, expecting him to change the statement. But it doesn't happen.

"Thea is her mother, Iv", he repeats as if he understands that I'm not believing it. "This is true"

My hand slips down from his shoulder. I look down. My eyes keep frozen at the ground, hollow and clueless. The next moment, I cover my mouth in utter realisation.

My eyes have popped out, my heart buzzes faster than before and all of a sudden, everything has just changed.

"I didn't believe it either, Iv", he says. "But this is true. She's not only Chrissie's biological mother but also—", he inhal
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