Chapter 171 : Are you ready?


"What are you thinking?" Christian holds my shoulder, startling me.

I flinch and look at him, a bit alarmed. "Chris! I don't think I can be there. I really don't think I'll be able to see all that. Please!"

"It's okay. It's fine", he touches my cheek gently. "If you don't wanna go, you don't have to"

I feel so bad that I couldn't have the courage to be next to her. I'm letting her be there, alone, believing that she's much more courageous than me. It makes me feel more awful than I actually am.

"Well—" Dr Decker shrugs. "In such cases with children, we always let one of the parents accompany the kids. In fact, we really don't let them. We suggest they be there. Because children are sensitive. They are used to being taken care of by their parents, like a shield and suddenly letting them go through this alone is kind of terrifying for them, no matter how courageous they are. Their brain, their sanity, it's all sensitive. Any kind of fear and trauma can be harmful to them. So—"

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