Chapter 172 : Aware of happiness


John isn't ready to get me a phone because he thinks I'll end up calling my dietitian and gym instructor. It was really foolish of him because I can do that from another phone too. But well, Tiffany is there to spy on me all the time. But I'm somehow feeling better these days, after cutting off from the outer world. I was more into that world than mine.

"Good afternoon", John's voice comes from the door as I move my eyes from the window and look at him.

My eyes open wide in shock as I find him holding a bunch of lilies. He has a wide smile on his face too.

"Hey!" I exclaim. "You're kind of early today"

"Yeah. I wasn't feeling like working much", he says and hands me the bouquet.

I happily take it. "Pretty"

"You still love lilies?" He asks hesitantly. "I wasn't sure if that changed because I didn't really get you flowers for a long time"

"I still love them", I say, looking down at them as the fragrance fills my nostrils.

"Sorry for not getting them for you at all", he says.

I p
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Jyotika Mewara
I don't know why I'm getting feeling like tiffany is the main culprit.. Don't know why there is something or maybe she will ruined everything for thea which I don't want.. I want thea to tell everything to john
goodnovel comment avatar
Prerana Kushwah
thea realized everything so late

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