Chapter 173 : Success


I enter the OT, wearing the essentials. Chrissie is still lying on her back and she looks extremely confused by her surroundings. I walk towards her when she has been looking at the monitor next to her. Two nurses are working beside the bed, waiting for the doctor.

"Hey, beautiful!" I whisper as soon as I reach her. And her face lightens up right away.

"Emmy!" She excitedly whispers back.

I hold her hand. "How're you doing?"

She fluffs her cheeks. "Honestly? I'm scared"

"I know. But now you don't need to be. Since I'm here", I squeeze her hand.

"Why do you have that mask on?" She curiously asks.

"Because it's important to put it on when I'm here", I chuckle.

Suddenly, the air feels heavy when the doctor comes inside. I was indeed confident to be with Chrisanna but there's always a bit of nervousness surrounding me when I watch these children going through it. Especially when the last time I was in such a position was two years back. It's been a long time since I have been the
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