Chapter 174 : Proud


After two hours, Chrissie woke up and was shifted back to her cabin. That's what I got to know through Emily's message when I was in a conversation with Dr Decker. As I already expected, he said he couldn't be here for a long period. But he can assign a good team to be here and he'll be looking into her case closely until the transplant is finally successful.

That means Chrisanna has to stay here for a while and I'll surely want that. I don't want her to be in Texas when I don't trust Thea at all. If she gets to know about this, she'll surely try to do something and I don't want her to be near Chrisanna at any cost.

Between all this, things can be a little tougher for me to handle. I can't afford to stay away from work for months when the situation of the company isn't good enough. I can't leave everything to Kane since he also has his priorities, be it the lawsuit against Damien or Emily's pregnancy.

Nor can I afford to be away from Chrissie. I wanna be there for her.

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