Chapter 177 : Face to face


The meeting has been fixed at Mr Fox's office. I reach there the next morning. He was late for the appointment which he never is. I have been waiting in his cabin for like an hour now and he shows up just before I was about to leave.

"Ah! I apologise, Mr Scott", he surges inside the cabin with a huge smile of apology on his face. Maybe, that's kind of weird, but he seems really cheerful which I never really thought he was.

I immediately get onto my feet and shake hands with him. "Not a problem, Mr Fox. It's been a while since we met"

"Yeah. Yeah. And that's— I'm really sorry that the project didn't work out", he sighs, taking his seat and I also sit in front of him.

"No. Please. You shouldn't be apologising for that. We both know the majority of the responsibility for that loss was because of me", I say.

"We did a partnership, Mr Scott. There's nothing like major and minor in partnership. It's equal. That's the main principle of business", he says.

I smile. "I'm really ho
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