Chapter 179 : Knock


It's been five days since I saw Christian in person. Five days since he's gone. This must be the first time for us to be away from each other for this long. It is, actually. I miss him every day and I definitely wanna talk to him all day long. It makes me feel good when he calls me five times per hour. It doesn't annoy me. But I indeed want him to focus on his work other than us which he has been doing a lot in the whole year.

More than that, I want him to believe that I believe him. I don't have any such insecurities and I trust that he would tackle everything properly, and would make the right decision.

I want him to have his own life outside us. Just like he was before he met me. It's kind of weird, I know. And I don't want him to become completely like that. But I just want that side of him. When he was so workaholic and passionate towards his work. I used to hate that so much until I realised this is the side of him that makes him his own. This is the only thing he used
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