Chapter 181 : Upset


I can see him losing it, rambling non-stop. Undoubtedly, my words triggered him even more. I immediately grab his face to calm him down. He's groaning his lungs out.

"Relax. Calm down!" I whisper, nuzzling his cheek with my thumb.

He squeezes his eyes shut, breathing heavily as he tries his best to calm down. I hold him as tightly as possible, still feeling all his shaken nerves.

He lowers his head, brushing against my torso as I try to hug him. However, seconds later, he pulls back, rolling his eyes around as if he's trying not to speak anymore.

"I think you should—"

"I know what I should do", he tells me, his voice is cold as he looks at me with no warmth in his eyes. It hardly happens. "Don't tell me what I SHOULD do"

He gets himself freed from my grip after that blunt statement and around to grab the jacket he left over here. It takes me a couple of seconds to process that. Even when I do, I find myself at a loss for words.

"Chris—" my voice comes shaken.

"I'm going t
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Avni Mahajan
i m sooo in love with chrissie
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Prerana Kushwah
she is chris's child

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