Becoming King

Dimitri paced through his study. Alex constantly goes in to check on the girl and being alone with her for a long time does not sit well with him. Dimitri wished that his mother is still with him. If only she were around, she would have known what to say. She would have helped him calm down.

She was the only other person that actually understood Dimitri. But her mother is not with him now, or at least she wouldn’t be able to. Dimitri could have gone to the dungeons and watched over the girl himself. But there is a very deep reason why he could not. After all, it was his mother who was first afflicted by the curse. And even until now, she is among the others who transformed and could never revert anymore. Dimitri could not bear to see his mother reduced to a mindless monster. What good is all his glory if he can’t even save his mother?

Dimitri remembered the day when they arrived at the castle. The creatures suddenly met them and knelt in front o
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