(Two Months Later...)

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Illiana peered down out of the window, a navy blue tinted car packed at the garage. An ebony lady on a fine green silk stepped out of the car.

Her hair swinging at the effect of the wind which blew. First she stared around, with her hand still hung on the door.

Illiana picked up Crystal from where she stood with her tail dancing to and fro. " Crystal, let's go meet Kaden. " She said and off she left her room to Kaden's.

On getting there, the door was barely closed. She slowly opened it. " Ka..." She was going to call him but stopped halfway when she saw the same lady in his room.

She watched as Kaden pulled her into a hug and how he patted her back gently. There was this feeling that erupted in her, a feeling she is yet to explain.

Crystal looked at her, she meowed bringing her ba

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