Chapter 143


"What did he say?" I asked Drake, holding onto the possible glimmer of hope that shone through his eyes as I waited patiently for him to speak.

"Hunter said we got a lead. After five years, Catherine. " He placed a hand on my shoulder, gently and lightly as if I would easily break like an expensive piece of glass if he gripped me too hard.

My heart instantly fell to my stomach after hearing the only big news we've gotten since the day he disappeared, leaving me alone with our little pup. Suddenly, everything around me stopped that it made me even forget how to breathe.

My body went numb and my knees grew weaker each second my mind tried to process Drake's words. When I thought I was going to fall into pieces

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Parwan Kaur
I hope Damiena doesn't die ...I m pissed tht all of sudden drake is thinking about Cathy tht way again...I mean they r not mated anymore...please dont ruin their relationships especially damiena and drake...I those Cathy realize tht ...also y all of sudden Damiena is changed from simple to posh girl
goodnovel comment avatar
damien sister is going I hope that she doesn't die. hope damien is there and he can be cure. dont let any or Catherine people get kill it be good if superior acting samantha have a one on one fight with cathy. dont let nothing happen to charles.

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