48 // Flames

It was so strange finding herself at this location again after everything that went down the last time she was here.

She had just finished taking a quick shower when she received a text from Logan, asking her to meet him at the harbour. She could have said no like she has done many times before, but it felt like until she and Logan had talked everything out, there would always be this unresolved tension between them.

MJ was still trying to process everything Sasha told her earlier, and she was also concerned about her own health, she was spiralling and she knew it, but she also knew that she could not stop, there was so much do be done in such a short time; but she was not complaining because it was necessary.

The place was unexpectedly quiet, she would have imagined that it would be busy, swarming with men loading their goods onto the ships to prepare for their shipments, but instead, it was deserted.

Maybe Logan gave them all a night off
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