Chapter 08 Liza

I woke up with my mom

-Daughter I need to talk to you

-Mom now?

-Yes Elizabeth Aster Adalberon you don't think I should know what's going on, take my hand and show my finger

-Calm Dona Suzane Áster Adalberon calm you are right, I know you should be the first person to know about my life

-You mean everyone already knows Elizabeth?

-More stop calling me that not everyone knows only Ro because I told her yesterday

-Well, then, tell me, daughter, what does this engagement or engagement ring mean? I don't know what it is, laugh out loud at her comment.

-Calm mom is a commitment ring yes it was prof. Luiz Carlos I and he are getting to know him he asked me in dating

-Daughter you barely left an engagement and you are already dating another one you are going fast,

-Mother calm me and he talked about this matter we are getting to know each other first- Does this ring sound? it seems to be more than talking did you know

-Yes mom, but he doesn't want anyone looking at me with other eyes and not flirting with me

-Hum means that this one is more possessive than Cris and in talking about him you tell me what happened after all?

-Mom I caught Cris cheating on me and the blonde who was with him said that they had been together for two years

-Daughter, I don't believe it, how can he make a fool of himself all this time, plaguing everyone? I even felt sorry for him, but I thought you loved him?

-Good mother I was confused by what I felt for him and the day I went to his apartment and saw everything, which I actually went there to set us the wedding date, but I saw the scene that made me enter that I didn't really love because I felt relieved when I saw him with another

-Our daughter seriously and if you hadn't seen it would you be engaged to him yet?

-Mother I don't think so because I don't feel anything for him for a long time you know

-More does this boy tell me about him as he is?

-Hum o lu, Well he is beautiful what I feel for him does not compare to what I felt for Cristhian, not at all I feel and something that makes me stay, I can't say for sure-Our daughter this boy in a short time you stay like that I need to know him soon? I was talking to my mom and we heard the doorbell ring and I looked at the clock it was 6:30 am and my mom said:

-Who will be this time? So she's gone I went to the bathroom taking a shower when I hear her say

-Liza are flowers for your daughter,

-For me who sent them?

-You want me to write the card-Yes power while I finish my bath


Liza my beautiful these beautiful flowers are to perfume your life, even more, my beautiful I look forward to seeing you today.PS: your guardian angel lu

-Daughter this guy is in love with you, huh-Mother saw how he treats me my ex never got me a flower of garden grass and lu is and the second time.

-Wow and it looks like he knows you well, daughter because it is his favorite color.-Because mom and I think I'm in love with him, I can say that it was love at first sight, since this first day I was silly just looking at him. After arranging the flowers in the vase we went out and saw my cousin having coffee and she said

-Liza if you keep getting flowers every day in a little bit, let's set up a flower shop here at home-Ro are you jealous or jealous

-The Elizabeth away from me this kind of feelings and who thinks if every day you receive flowers where you will put them my dear hemI heard my mother laugh and said

-Liza Ro is right more they can put around the house and when one was wilting we throw it away

-Good and if you decide to read send flowers we can make our garden that you want so much and you don't have time to do it and with this comment, we laughed a lot

-I will not be able to ask him to send me flowers, and the doorbell rings, and I go and see that it was and I see the same delivery boy from yesterday

- Good morning Miss Elizabeth, more flowers this time are not for you but for the other Aster Adalberon Rosangela I would like to know if you have another sister because even I would like to know the beauty of this family before another boy. I looked at my mom and my cousin and we burst out laughing at the deliveryman's comment who looked at us looking like we had three heads and heard him say

- Ladies I'm serious because my clients always reach the source of beautiful women like you first at this point we laughed at him and my mom said:

-Well, my boy, you arrived late because it seems that the two of you here have already gotten your admirers now if you were old. I looked at my mother with a face and this time it was a boy who laughed and said: 

 -Miss you need to see your face. your mother and the young man could pass for your older sister you know, and I saw my mother go red and said: 

 - Well my dear you already did your job and I heard my mother scold me,

 -Liza leaves the boy you accept a cup of coffee and I looked at her surprised,

 -Seriously mom, are you going to flirt with the boy? and she started laughing and saying, 

 -No daughter I'm being polite to him because it is the second time today that he comes here and must have risen early, 

 -Yes your admirers ordered me the flowers yesterday and said, it would have to be delivered in the early hours of the day but if I knew it was at the same address I would have brought the two together, So after Ro picked up the flowers I went to university and in thought, my mother misses a good companion she is young she is only 44 years old it would be a good one if she found someone.

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