This is the third day after my meeting with Kane. And it turns out that the man actually realized his wish to marry me next week. He has arranged all the preparations for our wedding party. Even my mother and his mother were not allowed to interfere in our wedding preparations. Everything had to be under his control, and he didn't want to be denied.

As a prospective bride, of course I am very happy. When my mother and mother-in-law were angry and upset, I looked relaxed with all the things of my wedding preparations. I think what Kane did was really really in my favor. I don't have to bother with all the arrangements for the wedding party. I will only come on my wedding day with him, then we will live happily ever after. Hmm, it must be really nice if I can serve him wholeheartedly. I will be the ideal wife by waiting for him to come home, then I will cook a lot of delicious food for him, and finally we will have a lot of very cute and adorable children. Kyaa! Perfect! I think it would be a lot of fun. I can't wait to carry out my role as a good and ideal wife.

Knock knock

I turned quickly towards the door of my practice room. Who's coming? I guess I don't have an appointment with anyone today and I've put a close sign on the door of my practice room. Maybe the person didn't know that I was in the process of preparing for the wedding day tomorrow. I need to be relax. But whoever it is, if he doesn't come on business, then I'll throw him out straight away.

"Come in."

“Doctor Laurel, am I bothering you?”

Oh my God, that's handsome Jared! The man always looked amazing and ravishing. The doctor's coat that wrapped around his muscular body stuck like a second skin on his biceps protruding beneath the fabric of his doctor's coat. On his face, he has a very sexy curve of lips, which is now smiling very sweetly at me. He really came at the wrong time. Right now I'm not in the mood to meet anyone and talk to anyone, but I can't possibly kick him out. I can't miss this man.

“Please have a seat Jared. What do you need from me?"

Even though I already have a perfect husband-to-be like Kane Stuart, but if God brings me the handsome Jared, then I will never be able to refuse him.

"It's not something important. I happened to be passing by and wanted to ask you about Mr. Harry's progress. Have you had a counseling session with him?”

“Yes I had, yesterday I met with Mr. Hary and we had a thirty minute counseling session. So far I've asked a few things to Mr. Hary, he is a little stressed with his illness and his family problems. But I think there are still some things that Mr. Hary hasn't told me yet. Gradually if Mr. Hary had put his trust in me completely, he would definitely tell me all his troubles. Don't worry Jared everything will be fine."

“Thank you very much for helping me. I'm a bit confused by the progress of his treatment which has regressed. The stress really bothered him.”

His face scrunched up. I wanted so badly to come forward and give him a hug to calm his nervousness, but now I found myself holding on to the edge of my desk tightly to hold my body almost moving towards him. Damn!

"You don't have to worry. Mr. Hary is just thinking too much about his problems and having a hard time sharing his worries with others. Maybe after three sessions of counseling and relaxation, he will be better. Trust me."

I really didn't anticipate his touch. Doctor Jared suddenly stepped forward and gripped my hand tightly.

"Thanks very much. You really are a great doctor, Laurel.”

"Eee... You're welcome, Jared."

I feel that right now the sun is shining very brightly in front of my face. To the extent that my eyes were too dazzled to stare at the sweet smile that Doctor Jared showed me. Can't he just stop smiling right now? If he keeps doing it in front of me, I'm afraid, my eyes won't be able to hold back the bright smile from his lips.

“Doctor Laurel, are you all right?”


"Are you okay? I see you're a little daydreaming towards me. You see something strange in me?"

I quickly glanced at my hand. They were still there, gripping the edge of the desk and not being touched by Doctor Jared at all. Stupid! Stupid Laurel. Why would I do that in front of him? Oh my God, I want to hide my face right now. I had to find an excuse to take his focus off my face.

“That… I just…”

"You just?"

Damn it! Why is he so curious about what's in my head? Does my face look that stupid in front of him?

“I was just looking at the magazine you were carrying. Yes, I was looking at your magazine. I think I recognized the face of someone who was on the cover of that magazine.”

Lord, forgive this sin of your stupid human. I don't mean to lie to this handsome man, I just can't tell this man the truth.

"You're looking at this. Take it if you want, I'm not interested in cheap magazines like this," said Doctor Jared as he put the magazine on my desk.

I furrowed my brows. The first thing I saw from the magazine was a picture of a man posing in his haughty manner. Then I started reading the headlines of the magazine slowly. I think I recognize his face.

"A business man, Kane Stuart, who is rumored to be gay is getting married soon."

Oh gosh! It's Kane! The man who had agreed to marry me in just a few minutes. So all this time the news about him being gay was the truth. He just wanted to marry me to cover up his deviant sexual orientation and clear his name from bad public opinion. What an asshole! I won't forgive him. He has taken advantage of me, even seducing my mother disgustingly.

“Doctor Laurel, are you daydreaming again?”

"No, I'm just upset," I retorted.

Let Doctor Jared misunderstand and think of me as bipolar woman. I had acted so strangely in front of him so many times that I thought my pride had been completely crushed in his eyes.

“Looks like you're pissed off reading the headlines of this cheap magazine. You better not believe this cheap news, because they really love to write such shocking things."

“But, do you think this guy looks gay or something. I mean, usually a man will be more sensitive to the condition of another man, because they are of the same sex. So do you think Kane Stuart is gay or is he a sexually oriented man?”

Jared thought for a moment as he rubbed his hands against his chin with a serious look on his face. He looks very handsome like Brad Pitt in the series World War Z.

“I thought he was a normal guy. Even though I myself never listened to the news about him, but he has a very sharp eye and also firm, he can't be gay or anything like that. He is a normal man.”

"Oh, thank goodness."

I subconsciously mumbled those words in front of Jared, making the man look at me with a look of astonishment mixed with curiosity.

“So you are a fan of Kane Start? Wow, that really surprised me.”

“N-no, not like that. I'm just grateful, it turns out that the rich man does not have sexual orientation disorders. I'm just sorry if that actually happened to him. After all he is too perfect to pass up.”

“Well, you're right. By the way I have to go now. Thanks again for your help Dr. Laurel. When you have finished your counseling session with Mr. Hary, you can see me or call me. Then see you later."

Jared walked away from my room, and he gave me a sweet smile before he actually closed the door to my room. Ahh!!! Jared is a handsome man. Too bad I've been set up with that million dollar man. If I wasn't being set up with that freak, I might have asked Jared right away. Mom should have met Jared before setting me up with Kane so she would know that her beautiful daughter wasn't as bad as she thought.

Drt drt

Oh, my phone is vibrating. Who would call me at this rush hour?

"Halo there."

"Laurel, can you get a fitting wedding dress at the boutique downtown?"

I furrowed my brows while checking the name of the caller who was talking to me on the phone. As far as I know I never share my phone number with people I have nothing to do with. Then who is this man?

"Hello, who are you? I feel like I've never given you my cell phone number."

"Ahh, apparently my future wife is experiencing amnesia. Hey, I'm your future husband, did you forget?” asked the man in a curt tone.

I started matching his voice with Kane's voice I met three days ago. And it turned out to be true, the man who contacted me right now was Kane, my very precious and handsome million dollar man.

"Oh, sorry I forgot your voice. So what's wrong honey?"

Yieks, how disgusting my voice is. I barely recognized my own voice when I spoke to Kane. I don't think I'm suitable to talk to a man with a voice like that. Sounds like a bitch.

"Are you sick? Suddenly you're being sweet to me. Are you all right, Laurel? Maybe you were too nervous about waiting for our wedding day and you got the syndrome.”

This man! Good grief. Why would he call me a crazy woman when in fact he has a sexual orientation disorder here.

"I'm fine. How about you?"

"I'm fine. We will meet soon at the blessing ceremony at the church. I hope you don't dress up too pretty."

“So you want to destroy my reputation in front of everyone by asking me to dress up like I was an ugly duckling at my wedding? I'm sorry, that will never happen. I don't want to look bad in my wedding ceremony. I want to look as beautiful as possible on my wedding day.”

“Laurel, this is for our good. Do you want to ruin our wedding and make me itch during the blessing ceremony?”

Our goodness? Seriously. It was clear that all of this was for his own good. Ever since he proposed to me to be his wife, I've had a bad feeling about him. And it turned out that my hunch was right, he married me only for his personal interests. He wanted to use me as a tool to cure his strange disorder.

"Anyway, I don't care. During the blessing ceremony, I have to look beautiful and perfect. If you refuse, then our marriage will be annulled!”


I disconnected the phone unilaterally, then I threw my cell phone hard on the table making a disturbing noise. Let him be angry or disagree with my decision, because I don't care about the strange phobia he has. Besides, I want to know, what can be caused by his strange phobia if he encounters a beautiful woman like me on our wedding day.

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