"Come in. You have to see the inside." Kane said as he pulled my hand to enter the new house we were going to live in.

I continued to follow his footsteps with a feeling of excitement and nervousness. I still can't believe that I now have my own house. After this I'm going to live here with Kane and I really have to be the perfect ideal wife. But if Kane's phobia has not completely healed, then my dreams of being the perfect ideal wife will just disappear.

Today I had to dress up in a tacky style again in front of him because Kane's strange phobia flared up after I teased him in Switzerland. It was indeed a very chaotic honeymoon. We planned to stay in Switzerland for a week, but suddenly Kane canceled the plan for various reasons. His deteriorating condition was the first reason. Then the second reason, he told me he had an urgent meeting with his client that he couldn't postpone. So after our condition improved on the third day, Kane immediately booked a plane tick

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