I rubbed my eyes slowly as I rolled to the right and left. My bad habit when I wake up is often rolling on the bed. But as I rolled to the right, I felt something strange about me. It felt like the skin on my back could touch the soft silk sheets that covered my bed.

“Laurel, you made our blanket fall.”

Kane protested next to me while muttering incoherently.

I lazily tried to open my eyes slowly while squinting my eyes for a moment to get used to the sunlight that had shone brightly on our bedroom window.

"Kane, you're not awake?" I asked while nudging his arm with my eyes still slightly closed from sleepiness.

“After you shower and dress properly, I'll wake up right away. If you keep exposing your naked body like that, I won't get up and go to the office."

What? Naked? Oh my God, I forgot. Gosh, what should I do? I need a blanket, I need a blanket!

"Kane, borrow your blanket." I said quickly as I pulled the red blanket from ab

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