Until my mate comes
Until my mate comes
Author: Elcha


Alpha jack’s pov

Today is the happiest day of my life, my son was born and my mate couldn’t look happier. But it’s not only that, my betas son was born the same day, two hours later. Everyone in the pack was celebrating for the next generation, the future alpha and the future beta of our pack.  We knew that they will be like brothers for all of their lives.

My wife is a human so we had many complications during pregnancy, being pregnant with werewolves it’s always challenging for humans. We agreed that we wouldn’t have any more kids due to the risk.  

7 months later

It was a sunny day, went to check my warriors at the perimeter. Studently I was feeling pain, something was wrong with my mate.   In movies nothing bad is happening during a sunny day but this is life not a movie. ‘’Alpha, luna is in labor’’ my beta mindlinked me. It was soon too soon for her to have the baby. She was only 6 months pregnant.

After our son was born, we conceived our little princes one month later. We didn’t intend to have another child, especially so soon but it happened.  My wife was looking forward to meet our daughter, our son Fabien was a carbon of me so we hoped that our daughter will get something of her. We picked the name Amy for her after my wife’s mother.  Little did we know that this will be the end of her life. The end of my mate’s life.

I felt like someone had ripped out my heart, my mate was everything to me. I didn’t want to live but I had to for my children and my pack. But I knew that I would never be the same again. When you lose your mate, you lose a part of yourself and you have to be a strong werewolf in order to survive it.  I knew that my wolf wouldn’t be the same neither would i.

Boys 5 years old birthday party

Today was my son’s birthday. Adriana the beta female organized a birthday party for both of our boys as she did every year. She had taken care of my son and daughter like her own since my wife died. She even took care of luna’s responsibilities.  

The boys were inseparable and they were over protective over my daughter Amy, especially Antony my beta’s son. He wouldn’t go to sleep if he didn’t say goodnight to my daughter and always will give her his toys. I could swear that he had a soft spot for her. 

It was time for the cake, each of them had his own cake. My son Fabien blew out the candles and wished to be the strongest alpha, he had everyone giggle. Antony wished for cookies and we all laughed with the little ones. And here I thought that Antony didn’t like cookies. My son got the first slice of his birthday cake and Antony gave the first slice of his cake to my daughter. My daughter took it with a big smile on her face looking at Antony with admiration.

He was her shiny knight. Every time someone would tease her or something like that she would ran and hide behind Antony. Even when she got nightmare she wouldn’t come to she would go to Antony. As the years went by the three of them were injectable.

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