Chapter Twenty Three

Johnny didn’t take his eyes off the local Tanzanian kid and his grandfather, who Max was questioning in Swahili. They sat in a quiet corner as the rest of the task force watched surreptitiously from a distance.

If this didn’t go anywhere, Johnny would lose it. With no other leads to rely on, this little boy was their only hope. The child answered with firm replies as the grandfather patted his shoulder.

Max finally stood and walked over.

“It looks like a legit lead. There’s a derelict airstrip, five clicks west of here. They live nearby; even though his grandfather has warned him against it, the kid likes to play in the abandoned hangars on occasion. He stopped by on his way home from the store and saw a light aircraft landing on the runway. He also saw five men loading the plane with their human cargo.” Max turned to the ambassador and Johnny. “Two males and one female hostage. The child remembers Lizette Steyn’s hair.

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