7. Mates And Lies


A few minutes. That is how long it took for my life to do a 360 degree. I cannot believe that I grew up in a web of lies. Why did they have to do this with me? What did I do to deserve all the pain I received growing up? Did mom never think how I would have felt when I found out the truth?

I tried my best to ignore the pleasurable sparks I felt and looked up to see our future Alpha Devon looking down at me. His eyes were darker than the last time I saw them, as he stared at me with so many emotions swirling in his eyes.

What kind of fucked up like did I have? I just found out my entire life was a lie, and add on to it, I find out I am mated to the man I thought was my half brother. I could clearly feel the judgemental stares of the pack members.

I knew no one was here, but I couldn’t help it, not after what I had to go through my entire life. I closed my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I mustered all the strength I could and pushed Alpha Devon away from me. He looked surprised, b
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