Chapter 40


Cody and I spent the entire evening with my aunt and uncle. He got along with them pretty well, which surprised me but I guess it's because they're my family, as he says. It's nice though. I smile everytime I think about how he and Uncle Jacque were talking about architecture. Those two get along pretty well. Aunt Nicolette also treats Cody like her son-in-law, pampering him with tasty meals. Andre and I don't exactly click, but he talked to Cody as if they were old friends. I don't know but I think Andre used to annoy me. But it's nice that Cody is getting along with my family just fine.

Afterwards, we left and made our way to the Eiffel Tower. "The tower is very beautiful at night. The lights and the scenery. It's just so breathtaking." I tell Cody. He just smiles and gazes at me until I look away.

I've noticed that he's acting a bit weird. Or maybe it's just me. I can't tell. I always catch h

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Chapter 39 & 40 is the same... and I need to pay for it. ...

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