Chapter 2: Hotel

She was in deep slumber when she felt her stomach churn uncontrollably, she ran to the bathroom. The moment she reached the toilet bowl she puked her insides out. She wiped her mouth with the back of hand and placed her back in the wall for support. All that puking drained her energy; it’s the first time this happened.

‘What did I eat to feel this way?’ she thought as she pushed herself to brush her teeth.

She was in daze with she felt Josh hug her from behind. “Are you okay?” he asked while he sniffed her hair just like in the past. Kate’s eyes welled up when she heard his soft voice. She faced him and hugged him tight burying her face on his chest; the toothbrush still on her mouth. He chuckled as he pat her hair.

“I’m so sorry about these past few days. Work has been ruining my mood.” He used his thumb and forefinger to lift her chin and place a sweet butterfly kiss on her lips. “I will make it up to you after this business trip.” He continued.

Kate forehead creases before removing the toothbrush inside her mouth. “Business trip? Again?” she whispered under her breath trying to hide her disappointment. She rinsed her mouth before going back to their bed. He just lifted her hopes up and disappointed her once again.

“Come on, Kate. You know how important my job is, I try my hardest to not let my company burn down to the ground and here you are nagging me.” He says as he follows her back. He sounds so angry and annoyed. Kate didn’t answered; she laid down, trying to avoid any more fighting plus he is right, she should understand him, she should be more sensitive. Josh didn’t say anything; he just groaned and lay down beside her; his back facing her.

The next day, she puked once again, this concerned Kate; she immediately called a doctor for an appointment. She was getting ready when she saw Josh fixing his suitcase. She couldn’t help herself and hugged him from behind.

“Please go home safe.” She said muffled. He faced her and kisses her lips intensely and passionately which she gladly answered back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. She moans when she felt her back hit the bed. She didn’t even realize that her t-shirt is already taken off of her; let’s just say that they stayed in the bed for a long time.

She woke up 2 hours later, she looked at the bed besides her seeing that’s its empty and instead of her fiancé,she saw a paper. She read it and it made her blush.

I love you, babe. I need to go to the business trip. I’ll see you in 3 days.

-Your Josh.

She moans as she felt a sting underneath her, she got up and entered the shower to wash herself. When she finished she called an uber to take her to the hospital. She went to the receptionist and she was guided to the office of her doctor.

“Hello, you must be Kate Millard. Please, sit down.” The doctor said before proceeding to the examination. She was asked to wait for a few minutes for the laboratory to finish in which she agreed. After half an hour, the doctor came back to her with a very radiant expression.

“Ms. Millard” the doctor called her attention, “congratulations! You’re pregnant!!” her eyes widens and her mouth agape. She can’t believe it; it was too much for her to process. She was scared at the same time she’s ecstatic. After that everything was a blur; all she heard is that she’s been pregnant for 2 months and 2 weeks.

‘2 months ago? Isn’t that the day I woke up in the guest room?’ she thought she was walking to the bus stop when she saw a figure familiar to her on her peripheral. She turns to it and she saw Josh. His hands wrapped around some girl.

‘”isn’t he supposed to be in some kind of a business trip?’ she said to herself before following them. She was curious and she needs to feed it. They both entered some kind of a building and as Kate grew closer she saw that that building is actually a hotel.

She was shaking as she entered the establishment. Josh and the woman were so absorbed to each other’s presence they didn’t even realize someone is following them. She approached the receptionist and showed her phone with Josh and hers picture.

“That’s my fiancé; I need to know their room. Or better yet, rent me a room that have a view to their room.” She said her voice quivering in anger but she tried to stay as calm as she can. She needs to see if her gut feeling is right—she’s praying she isn’t, she’s praying she’s just paranoid. Praying he isn’t cheating on her.

“p-please.” She begged when she saw the receptionist’s eyes express pity.

“Here, they are staying at room B204.” The receptionist said before sliding a key to the table towards her. “You’ll be staying at D206. It is in the building beside this, you can see their balcony by your window. This is the only room which will have a good view on them. I-“the receptionist paused “I am truly sorry, they introduced themselves as spouses. They’ve been going here for an almost 2 months already.” She continued, embarrassed.

“Thank you.” Kate said before grabbing the key and immediately went inside the room. It was spacious and what the receptionist said was true. She can see the balcony from there. The drapes are closed so is the door. She can’t even fathom what kind of things they are doing inside. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

“Maybe, they’re just having a private meeting.” She said trying to convince herself; trying to keep it all positive.

After a few hours, she saw the balcony door open. She hid herself behind the curtain and peeked. Tears fell from her eyes and she didn’t even realize it. Her heart is bursting on how hard it beats. She shakes her head as if unable to process what’s she’s seeing.

“Raven?” she muttered, her voice hoarse and soft.

She saw her sister in a robe sipping coffee, she looks so satisfied and her hair is unruly. She can’t believe her eyes maybe it’s just playing with her. It broke her heart even more when josh came out to the balcony and hugged raven from behind kissing her neck. Kate closed her eyes, tears cascading down her face.

‘Is this why Josh has been so cold towards me?’

Memories came flooding her mind. When did this all start? Is it when Raven visited? The dinner? The recent meetings? The business trips? Was it all just a cover up to hide his cheating ways from her? She turned her head away from the sight, it makes her sick, and she can felt like her heart is going up her throat.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” she shouts inside the room, not caring him people hear her. She needs to get this out of her chest. She cried her heart out. Her legs gave up, she backed to a wall and hugged her knees as she cry like a baby.

“Why? Why Josh?” she said in between her cries even though she knows he will not answer.

She cried until night time. She cried until she has no more tears to cry. She cried for her and for their baby. But after this, she'll no longer cry for them. She trusted them, she didn’t ask questions. She respected their privacy and their space. She will pick her broken pieces up but she knows she won’t be able to do that in this city. She won’t be able to do that if every day she'll be forced to see them both. She has to get away.

She exited the premises and went to thei- no, to Josh’s place. When she entered the house, her eyes welled up again but she tried so hard not to cry. She went inside their room; she saw their pictures at the table beside their bed—a picture of them graduating college. She picked it up and threw it at the trash can just the face of him makes her sick.

She was packing her clothes when her eyes darted at their engagement ring on her finger. She sniffles and remembers the way he proposed to her--- by the shore on their favorite beach. He made a campfire and they slept underneath the stars after he proposed; simple yet extravagant.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she continues packing.

She was about to leave the house when she realize she didn’t have any pocket money, she have money but it’s in a bank in josh and hers joint bank account. They were so sure that they would stay together, they opened one. She looked at her ring again, it’s a diamond ring. Without even realizing she’s inside a pawn shop.

She pawned her ring for $3,500. It’s more than enough for her to start again. The moment she got her money she boarded a bus going to the countryside. Far from the city; she just needs a breather from all the betrayals and the heart aches. It took the bus almost 20 hours to arrive at the bus station.

It’s almost night time so her first course of action is to look for an apartment to rent. She was rejected multiple times since no one knew her and before she even knows the sun had set.

“I need to find somewhere to retire first.” She saw a bench by the park. She took a jacket from her backpack and wore it. She used her backpack as a pillow. She can’t sleep but she had to for her and her baby.

She was drifted to sleep when she felt something sharp and cold against her neck. She opened her eyes to see a woman who dressed in torn clothes; untidy and un-bathed.

“If you don’t want to die, give me all your money and thinks.” The woman’s voice is deep and bloodcurdling. She nods her head; not even putting up a fight. She got to protect her baby even if it means losing her things and money. As soon as the woman got what she wanted, she immediately left.

And that’s when Kate broke down. She’s started crying; why do trouble follow her where ever she goes, she just want to live in peace with her baby. She doesn’t ask too much she just want a life away from pain and heart break. Why can’t they give her that? It started raining not long after, it was as if the sky is crying with her—accompanying her pain.

She was still crying she didn’t feel the rain hit her. She looked up and she saw an umbrella above her. She diverts her gaze to the figure standing in front of her. In his gray business suit, with the air of easy command, and the quiet half-smile only latent on his face. He wiped Kate’s face “Hi.” He said with a soft gentle faltering voice. “Kate.”

“Artemis.” She whispered.

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